Upcoming Book: “Constructing the Limits of Europe”

Dr. Rumena Filipova’s new book “Constructing the Limits of Europe. Identity and Foreign Policy in Poland, Bulgaria and Russia since 1989” is announced in the Columbia University Press Spring catalog (p.84). Release date: 30 April 2022. The author extends her special thanks to the editor Dr. Andreas Umland, foreword authors Professor Harald Wydra (Cambridge) and Dr. …

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Article: Bulgarian Parliamentary Elections, Round Three

Dr. Gergana Dimova analyzes the victory of political newcomer “We Continue the Change” in the November 2021 parliamentary elections in Bulgaria. The article focuses on education as a factor in the electorate’s political choices and further discusses the budding transition from “personalities to policies and to process”. You can read the analysis here: Bulgarian-Elections-This-time-it-might-work-IGA