Our Mission

What IGA stands for

At the Institute for Global Analytics, we aim to connect the global with the local. In a world where the boundaries between the national and international become ever more permeable in ideational, security, economic and health terms, local processes cannot be treated and understood in isolation from their global referents. Hence, we are focused on tracking the interconnectedness of a multiplicity of topics and their cross-regional development.

IGA’s emphasis on the importance of a wide-ranging and nested analytical perspectives is reflected in our logo. In Bulgarian culture and practice of embroidery, the tree of life symbolizes the link between the global and the local, where the roots of the tree stand for the regional customs and the branches of the tree personify the cosmos.

In our work, we are guided by three core goals:


The pursuit of intellectual integrity manifested in the provision of innovative ideas, robust analysis and high quality data. We follow and ourselves develop best research practices, striving to give voice to and debate cutting-edge work.


The establishment of closer bonds between academia, policy-making and civil society by translating scholarly approaches into actionable ideas that inform policies and achieve societal resonance. We believe that the fruits of social science should be placed in the service of improving governance and stimulating the vibrancy of civil society.


The enlargement of the space for international debate through the organization of events and the discussions of significant political, social and economic developments. We are focused on intensive knowledge exchange and building links between Bulgarian and international perspectives.

IGA’s key themes of analysis


Domestic affairs

Democracy research (including political stability, risk assessment, trends of democratization and the free market economy in Central and Eastern Europe); media, disinformation and propaganda; migration politics; gender issues.


International affairs

Political, economic and media influence of foreign authoritarian states (with a particular reference to the policies of Russia and China); development of the international order and institutions; foreign policy analysis in Central and East European states.

IGA is fully committed to the maintenance and promotion of an equitable, ethical and diverse work environment. The Institute’s leadership endorses the implementation of a gender equality plan within an ongoing timeframe between 2023 and 2026.