Article: Domestic Political Developments in Wartime Ukraine since February 2022

In their article, Petro Burkovskiy, Executive Director of the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, and Dr. Andreas Umland, Analyst at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, provide an overview of domestic political developments in Ukraine since the start of the 2022 war.

The authors point out that despite the significant nationally unifying tendencies and democratic push in Ukraine observable in the aftermath of the invasion, there have also been some negative trends too. Those have included a process of centralization emanating from the presidential institution, growing control over the media and party politics and a lag in the fight against corruption. This nuanced analysis demonstrates that political deficiencies in the country should not be left to feed into Russian propaganda but serve as an impetus for greater civil societal activity pressing for democratization. Kyiv’s international partners should also continue to aid reforms. 

The Institute for Global Analytics is pleased to publish the Bulgarian-language translation of the article, which was first published in English by the Stockholm Centre for East European Studies.