Central and Eastern Europe on the Frontlines against Russia and China: International Conference 19 May

The Institute for Global Analytics is convening the international conference Central and Eastern Europe on the Frontlines: Forging Collaborative Solutions to Foreign Authoritarian-State Influence. It will take place on May 19 at Sofia Hotel Balkan Palace, Serdica Grand Hall, between 9 am and 5 pm. The event will gather a range of experts from across Central and Eastern Europe to start a cross-regional dialogue with a threefold set of goals:

  • Exchange of perspectives regarding the major historically-inherited and contemporary challenges as regards Russian and Chinese influence activities (particularly disinformation) in the Baltics, Central Europe, Bulgaria;
  • Singling out best practices on the government and civil societal level for tackling foreign authoritarian media influence from each country;
  • Putting forward concrete proposals/action plan for cross-country collaboration: the contribution of the Three Seas Initiative; as well as better connecting Bulgaria to the wider Central European region and the Baltic countries.  

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