Ukraine Insider, Part 3: Russia against Ukraine on the Informational Front

IGA has published the third part of its paper series “Ukraine Insider”, where international experts on Ukraine analyze the crucial political-historical, media, and economic developments taking place in the country since the start of the Kremlin’s invasion. The series aims to better acquaint the Bulgarian and international audience with trends on the ground and counter Russian disinformation’s misrepresentations and falsifications about Ukraine by featuring cutting-edge expertise.

In the third paper, Sonya Dimitrova-Martinyuk analyzes the main channels and narratives through which Russia started already in 2014 to prepare the Ukrainian as well as Western media environments for a war against Kyiv. The article further presents Ukraine’s successful efforts at building resilience against Russian influence campaigns on the level of government and civil society and the rising level of Ukrainians’ trust in state institutions and fellow citizens.