Euro-Atlantic Resilience Forum: Resilience at Sea and its Impact on Land

IGA attended the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Forum, which was organized by the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Centre and took place on September 28-29, 2023 at the Romanian Senate and Parliament.

Dr. Rumena Filipova took part in a panel on the prospects ahead of EU and NATO enlargement to the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries. She singled out the Kremlin’s continuing disinformation campaigns that aim to undermine confidence in Euro-Atlantic integration as a key challenge to the accession process. IGA’s chairperson also focused on Bulgaria’s incomplete memory politics and pro-Russian distortions of history as an example of the challenges that Western Balkan states need to deal with in the area of public perceptions.

Barbara Bačová participated in the Future Leadership Academy and a related panel on the role of young leaders for building state and societal resilience. She presented on the implications of brain drain for the development prospects of Slovakia and the measures that need to be taken to reverse this trend.